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best hosting for wordpress in india

Best web hosting services of 2021: Top host providers for your website

Looking for a web hosting service that’s reliable, fast and secure for your website? We’ve tried the best options out there

You’ve made a conscious decision to build an online presence after a period of planning and maybe even a hint of procrastination, but where do you begin? Choosing the best web hosting provider is a great place to start, which doesn’t have to be an overly time consuming task.

What is a web hosting service? Well, it’s one that allows individuals or organizations to host a website that is usually accessible via a web browser. It’s a specialist provider that securely stores your files (HTML, pictures etc) and runs your site live on the internet.

A whole bunch of questions might be buzzing around your head: Do you need shared hosting, or some other type? Might you best be served by a simple website builder? How much storage do you really require? What about an SSL certificate?

How we test?

Our reviewers test each web hosting service by signing up and checking out what the provider does to help new users, as well as how easy it is to navigate around the hosting provider’s dashboard. 

We weigh up the details of what you get, and what you don’t get, and rank each web hosting provider based on the quality of its features that many customers will use, and how clear the web hosting company is on what the customer is getting in every product. 

What are the biggest web hosting companies in the world

The largest web hosting companies in the world right now can be assessed either by market capitalization, by number of customers, by how many websites they host, by revenue or by the estimated number of monthly visitors they get to their own website.

As of March 2021, the biggest web hosting company is Godaddy when it comes to market capitalization, followed by United Internet and Newfold Digital (which is private but involved a transaction valued at around $3 billion).

Some might argue that Wix – with a $17 billion market capitalization – and Square, the owner of Weebly, are even better web hosting companies. By that logic though, one should include the likes of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Alibaba and Microsoft Azure, all of which are far, far bigger.

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